Sunset RV Park Cabins & Campground 61 County Route 89 Oswego, NY (315) 343-2166

Pool Rules

  1. NEVER SWIM ALONE. A minimum of 2 adults, 18 years of age or older, must be present whenever this swimming pool is in use, with at least 1 of those adults on the pool deck. THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD AT THIS POOL. Safety equipment is provided on the pool deck for your use in an emergency.
  2. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ADEQUATE SUPERVISION. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied at the pool by a parent or guardian (an adult who is responsible for the safety of the children and their behavior.) THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD AT THIS POOL.
  3. IN AN EMERGENCY, NOTIFY THE FACILITY OPERATOR AND CONTACT HELP IMMEDIATELY. A free telephone is provided at the office with the emergency 911 number posted for emergency services including: police, fire department, ambulance and hospital.
  4. Only use this facility during hours of operation: Memorial Day to Labor Day, 9 a.m. – dusk or as posted at the pool gate. Pool use is prohibited at any other time.
  5. Shallow water – NO DIVING.
  6. Don’t drink alcohol and swim. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the fenced swimming pool area.
  7. No glass containers inside the fenced pool area.
  8. No animals inside the fenced pool area.
  9. Urinating, discharge of fecal matter, expectorating or blowing the nose in the swimming pool is prohibited and will result in expulsion and pool closure until such time the water has had time to be disinfected. If you notice any problems with the water quality, please notify us at once.
  10. The maximum number of bathers permitted is 35. Once bather capacity has been reached, no more patrons shall be allowed access to the pool until an equal number of patrons exit.
  11. Pool use is for registered overnight patrons and their registered guests only.

Failure to comply with pool rules will result in immediate expulsion from the pool area for a period of 24 hours.

Please download, print, and sign the Pool Use Rules and bring it with you when you check-in.